2. If not this than what?

Ah yes, the magic question. For someone who very quickly amassed the 10,000 hours needed to master the skill of knowing everything that they didn’t want, I was absolutely speechless when asked about what I did want. We don’t spend a lot of time on this one and it’s pretty important for you to know.

Having certainty around what we want will inform how we live our lives and guide everything that we do from language that we use to the village that we build for ourselves to how we spend our time and everything else in between.

It’s really hard to know what you want if you haven’t explored what is possible. I’ll be honest with you again – it’s not hard, it’s actually impossible to know what you might want if you don’t know what’s possible. How could you possibly know what to choose or even what options are out there?

It would be awesome if we could just leap to the knowing part but it requires a preceding step of us being curious about what is out there for us. We also need to accept that a whole world exists outside the one we currently know and choose to engage with it. It’s here (through taking action) that you will discover what could actually be possible.

It could look something like this . . .

Do I like cooking? Sure! Well, what cuisine is my favourite to prepare? And what dish? Maybe it’s not cooking, it’s baking that I like. Oh, but there is pickling and fermenting, and sous vide, dehydrating, smoking and so much more. Now, this is just what I know right now. I guarantee you there is even more options out there if you look and within each one likely an endless amount of niches for you to explore.

If we develop a mindset that there is more out there to discover than what we presently know, our curiosity will lead us towards ideas, people and possibilities that we never even dreamed were possible. It’s incredible! It’s better than that, it’s life changing.

I’ll admit that it gets exciting but taking action and moving forward requires that we take a bit of a leap into what might initially feel uncomfortable for you – dreaming and exploring ideas of what could be possible.

Much like everything in life, dreaming is a practice and it can be a really big struggle to get going if you are used to staying small, if you have limiting beliefs or are still uncertain about what you really want. For example, it would be impossible to dream about going to the Moon if you didn’t know space existed.

Here are some of my dreams – I want to be positively impacting the lives of 100,000+ people a week through Fascinated by Sunshine. I want to continually identify tools and techniques that allow me to feel further at peace in life and with who I am. I want to construct workshops that support people with having more fun at work – we spend over 1/3 of our day there! I want to have my book ‘‘My little Bear’s’’ book published. I want to write several more books. I want to host a podcast and talk about personal growth and wellness with industry leaders and the people who are working hard to positively impact the lives of their communities. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I have so many others.

What are your dreams?

Dreaming wasn’t easy for me. In fact, it was next too impossible. I wasn’t used to thinking BIG or letting my mind wander without constraints. The process was also challenging for me as the initial thoughts I had around dreams weren’t very friendly, constructive or helpful. I would limit myself. I would argue how I didn’t have what it takes. I would make up all the excuses for why it couldn’t happen for me. I would put others on pedestals and focus on the miles in between us and why I could never get there. I would come up with every reason for why I should think smaller. I lived through excuses.

It’s OK, if you have these thoughts too. We can work through this together as I really struggled with this myself which is why I created this wonderful worksheet to help out. I believe it will help you out too. You can download right here