Woo-hoo to you! You made it to the start.

So often you arrive at a website and it looks super interesting but as you dig in it becomes overwhelming as to where you should start. It’s just not clear what you should do first or where the starting point could even be for someone new. I’ve had this experience myself. I got lost, confused, frustrated and ended up giving up on a number of sites that I know would have been helpful had I understood how to use them. I want to make sure that your experience here is different.

My focus initially is on Awareness. Awareness helps shape our lives and my intent is to help you quickly discover what is possible. After that, it’s a choose your own adventure that I would be absolutely tickled to be a part of.

So here is how it works, start with section one and navigate your way through the eight sections to the end.

It’s designed to be sequential but the order that works best for you is entirely up to you. Now, I’m still learning and growing myself so don’t be surprised if you see the content continually change in these sections. Growth requires movement and movement requires that we change where we are. See how that works!

But before you start . . .

Here are some links I have organized for you