Anyone else exhausted from trying to live a life that doesn’t feel like their own?

I certainly was. I might have been a little miserable at times too if I am being honest. And then, I got a taste of what it was like to live my own life.

A life full of love, adventure, joy and gratitude.

A life where anything truly feels possible.

I am not just declaring that I am fascinated by sunshine (even though I kind of am by making a whole site about it), I have built this little site to help and inspire you. To help you become more aware and discerning. To help you create a life that is Fascinating for you.

I will demonstrate that it’s possible to transcend the psychological pain that we create for ourselves and through developing our awareness and taking action we can all transform where we are. You will acquire the tools to move out of the dark and live your life in the Sunshine

If you could leave this wonderful web encounter between you and I with just one thing, I want it to be a comprehensive understanding of this –


A life where anything truly feels possible and one that will be fascinating to YOU.

But first . . .

Who is Fascinated by Sunshine really for? You might be thinking that this sounds like a bunch of Woo-Woo

Well friend, you are not wrong. I once thought the exact same thing. There was no convincing me of anything different. But here is the thing, what if someone (like me) told you that with some change you could be enjoying life a whole bunch more then you presently are. What are the chances that it could be worth while to you to spend a few minutes learning a little more about how that could become possible ?

Now what if we could relieve the pain and burden that excuses have created in your life and replace it with the possibilities that are created through intentional action.

What if you could find comfort be excited about being yourself. Be free to follow what fascinates you, to share your voice and hold your own space in the world. To love yourself deeply and be at peace with where you are and what is happening around you. To some this will still sound like a bunch of woo-woo. For others, like YOU, it’s going to be a wonderful tool that helps you transform your life. I say Woo-Hoo to that!

If you nodded your head, clapped your hands, smiled a little bigger or (hopefully) shouted YES to any of what I just shared – then chances are that you and I are going to be BFF’s. I feel it in my heart.

Now it’s time for us to be honest with each other

I’ll be really honest here and share that at some points in our lives it can feel impossible ALL THE TIME.
It sucks. I know it. I have experienced it.
I have stood in the same yucky puddle

Oh my goodness,

there is more to this story than me standing in a yucky puddle. I promise.

Could you even imagine that’s just the end of it. All of my wisdom and insights unfolded in these three words “life just sucks”.

I joke about it, yet not too long ago I believed it. I also believed that passion was a buzzword, something people just said while drinking a latte and talking about trips to Cabo. I also believed about 1,963,401 other stories I told myself which when all stacked up, did make life feel impossible. All. The. Time. Ugh!

OK, cue the heart warming music! This story is about to go in a wonderfully new and bright direction.

It took a few heart wrenching failures, a complete loss of self, buckets of tears and what felt like life was swinging at me with a giant sledge hammer to get the message but it finally got through. I got it.

Stop swinging already Universe! I said I got it. Messaged received.

Wowzers, that was a lot of reading. Why dont you take a little video break to learn more about how I can help

Curious and wondering where to go next? I planned ahead – you can start right here