7. Wait . . . where is your Village?

I have this wonderful line in my book that encourages my Little Bear’s to – build a village of people who can help you with connecting life’s dots. I want my little guys to grow up knowing the importance of building their own community and developing relationships in every aspect of their lives.

I want you to understand the importance of this too. Far to often we pick the people that we are most comfortable with to give us guidance and wisdom on where we are in our lives and how we might best navigate the path forward. The trouble with that is – most of have no clue what we are talking about.

For example, if you asked me about golf you would get a very narrow view that reflects my frustration and distaste for investing so much money and time into something that leaves me a little short of feeling zen. Now, I know that it is a beautiful game and one that is enjoyed in nature and with friends and others who share the passion for the sport. Speaking with someone who believes this and lights up when they talk about it is going to create a much different experience than discussing it with me.

But don’t kick me to the curb just yet as I can most certainly be a part of your village when you are focused on wellness, cooking, creative projects or discussing the best books to read on the beach.

Here in lies the importants of building your village. There is so much insight, wisdom and experience out there and we just need to connect with the right people to access it.

Your friends will always be your friends. You will have your reasons for that. Your dreams however evolve as does what we need as we move and grow. You will need help with discovering what is presently unknown to you . You will benefit from those who see life from a different view and have a different perspective and experiences.

There is richness in a village. There is community. There is often prosperity.

Once you know what your want I truly believe that the next big step is creating your village to help support you with your efforts to bring it to life. Here is a worksheet I’ve created to help with this.